I teach violin and viola lessons privately in the Twin Cities metro area. I have a home studio near downtown Minneapolis, and I also teach at Coon Rapids Evangelical Free Church in Coon Rapids, Minnesota. If you are interested in lessons, please email me.

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My daughter was 5 when she first started going to Zach for lessons to learn the violin. He made the classes fun for her and easy for her to learn.  She enjoyed going every week and looked forward to it.  He came up with creative ways of teaching her since she was so little.  His patience is outstanding!  It was a very proud moment for us the first time she played Twinkle Twinkle by memory!

–Michele Berg

I have had five different violin teachers in my violin-playing years, but Zach is by far the best. He is very patient, but at the same time expects me to work until I have mastered something. He is excellent at breaking down an issue into parts which I can then master and then put it all together. Zach’s fund of knowledge about music is as remarkable as his teaching ability. He is a genuinely like able and kind person as well as a skilled and patient teacher.

–Gail Anderson

My husband and I credit a large part of our daughter’s musical accomplishments to Zach. Her playing greatly and steadily improved in the 4 years that she studied with him. She received a number of honors through high school and was awarded a small music scholarship to continue playing in college.

–Renee Hirt

We really enjoy our violin and viola lessons with Zach! He is very patient, positive, and inspiring! Zach makes the learning process enjoyable. We feel encouraged and motivated after each lesson!

–Anna, Katie and Mary Kleven

I first picked up a violin in my late twenties. After several hours of horrible noises, my housemates and I agreed that I needed lessons. I tried out a few teachers, and then I found Zach. Unlike the others, he could answer my questions, and give me the ‘why’ in addition to the ‘how’. He was able to adapt his lessons to my learning style, challenging me with new ideas and concepts, while at the same time keeping me solidly rooted in the fundamentals. His creative teaching methods and extensive knowledge of the violin keep me coming back, and now my housemates don’t mind when I practice.

–Ben Olson, Minneapolis


StJosephSchool I also teach at the highly respected St. Joseph School of Music in St. Paul. There is more information about the school at stjoseph-schoolofmusic.net.